What To Look Forward To At North Coast 500 Pods

Looking Forward to Achmelvich Beach

North Coast 500 Pods are a fantastic place for you to experience the brilliance that Scotland has to offer. From the breathtaking views to the nature that can’t be seen anywhere else in the country, the highlands of Scotland is a special place with a lot to offer. Being the furthest north of the country, it […]

Our Top 5 Places for Glamping in Scotland

NC500Pods Fire Pit & Sign

Scotland is the home of glamping. The gorgeous scenery, the wildlife that is unique to the region, Scotland makes the perfect place for a glamping trip with a lot for you to get involved with. If you have never been to Scotland before and want to make a visit, going on a glamping retreat would […]

Highlights of Visiting Achmelvich Beach

Highlights achmelvich

Achmelvich Beach is a beautiful part of the Highlands region, located in the northern part of Scotland. It is situated along the North Coast 500, a five-hundred mile route going across the entirety of this region. It might be time for you to go on an adventure and start visiting Achmelvich Beach. It is a […]

5 Reasons To Stay at NC500 Pods in Brora, Scotland

Brora Beach

Brora is a beautiful, quaint village in the northern part of the Highlands region, located in Scotland. It is known for its picturesque scenery of nature in the area, and its stunning architecture of the buildings that would remind you of the Britain that people experienced 100+ years ago. Being in such a special region […]

Where to Hire Classic Cars on the North Coast 500

The North Coast 500 is the ultimate road trip, filled with the beautiful scenery of the Scottish Highlands. Do you know what tops driving through the stunning landscapes of Scotland? Driving through the stunning landscapes of Scotland in an equally stunning, classic car and ending the day in a luxurious, magnificent glamping pod. Highland Classic […]

Should I take a trip to Brora in Scotland?

ardvreck castle

Brora is a small village in the Highlands region of Scotland, located in the north of the British Isles. It is an area known for its natural beauty, with mountains, cliffs, coastlines, trees and a selection of wild animals that are unseen anywhere else in the United Kingdom. If you have never visited Scotland before, […]

Things To Do Near North Coast 500 Pods

North Coast 500 route

North Coast 500 Pods is situated in the highlands region of Scotland, being along the NC500 route that goes around the most beautiful spots in this area. It is a quiet area, which is sparsely populated, however is filled with beauty, scenic views and eye-opening nature. If you have never taken a trip to Scotland, […]

How To Find NC500 Pods at Achmelvich Beach?


Scotland is a beautiful country with a wide range of different wildlife and nature surrounding you. With marvellous cities of historical value, and a population of hard-working, friendly people, it is a country that is certainly worth your time visiting. There is one thing we recommend visiting when in Scotland though: NC500 Pods at Achmelvich […]

Durness Zipline

Durness Zipline Scotland is an exciting place with many different attractions and activities to participate in. One of those would be the Durness Zipline, at Ceannabeinne Beach close to NC500 Pods. Being one of the most thrilling moments that you can experience in the UK, we open you to explore the Durness Zipline and enjoy […]

Ardvreck Castle

Ardvreck castle nc500

Castles are a marvelous work of art, showing us a glimpse into our past as civilization has changed. This is no different for Ardvreck Castle. As one of the most beautiful pieces of art in the Highlands of Scotland, the castle has a lot of history in the area of Loch Assynt, Sutherland.  From the […]