More Than a Road – Golf on the NC500

golf ball on tee

Mysterious Sand Circles Of Achmelvich Peculiar circles are dotted around the grassy area behind Achmelvich beach. What could they be? Building remains from an ancient Achmelvich community? Camouflaged missile silos? Evidence of alien landings? Nope, it turns out they serve a much more ordinary purpose. They are golf holes! I bet you didn’t know you […]

More Than a Road – North Coast 500 Fishing


North Coast 500 Fishing More than a Road There is a lot more to the North Coast 500 route than tarmac and tyres, this endless list includes fishing. So you’ve packed the car with 2 weeks worth of clothes, 4 disposable barbecues, 5 crates of your favourite  beer and loads of suncream. You probably won’t […]

Secret Achmelvich Beach

Shhh! There Is A Secret Achmelvich Beach. Actually There’s 2! As beaches go you couldn’t really wish for more from Achmelvich beach. If you’ve seen any of our photos, you’ll understand what we mean. Pure white sands, turquoise water and an easy 2 min walk from Achmelvich accommodation. What if we told you then that […]