Why You Need to Visit Achmelvich Beach on the North Coast 500

Why You Need to Visit Achmelvich Beach on the North Coast 500

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Achmelvich Beach is a beautiful region of nature located in the Highlands area of the North of Scotland. It is known for its stunning natural beauty in the surrounding area and a sea like no other. 


When thinking about beaches in the United Kingdom, our minds go to the typical seaside town of old, but Achmelvich Beach is something different. With glistening waves and silky smooth sand, the beach will have you thinking you’re on another continent, not in the British Isles. 


Visiting Achmelvich Beach will open your eyes to some of the most scenic nature in the country, with it being a special experience for many. Here are our favourite reasons why you need to visit Achmelvich Beach on the North Coast 500. 

Where is Achmelvich Beach?

Achmelvich Beach is located in the Highlands region of the North of Scotland. It is one of the most isolated places in the country, which is one of the reasons why it is so beautiful – it is untouched by humans. 


Located in this region, the surrounding area is home to wildlife that is unseen in any other area of Britain, from white-tailed eagles to ospreys and even otters. If you are someone interested in animals and nature, Achmelvich Beach certainly is the place for you.


It is also placed along the North Coast 500, a route going across five hundred miles of the coast in the Highlands. Many people travel on this land and see the sights that Scotland has to offer, with Achmelvich Beach being one of the most popular destinations to see. 

Why is it so well known on the North Coast 500?

It is so well known on the North Coast 500 because of the gorgeous nature going across this region. The Highlands are so untouched compared to the rest of the country, and the beaches look stunning and will remind you of somewhere abroad rather than the British Isles. 


With there being so many sights to see, the North Coast 500 is very well known among tourists. Achmelvich Beach is certainly a tourist destination, with many historical artefacts, buildings and architecture being present across the region. 

What makes this beach so special on Scotland's North Coast?

This beach is made special by the gorgeous scenery that is present among Achmelvich Beach. It is an amazing experience and an example of true beauty in Britain, with a gorgeous sea view and an atmosphere like no other. 


What sets this beach apart from other beaches in the United Kingdom is the proximity of the beach, being so isolated from people and the rest of the country, making it a clean beach with no fear of trouble or anything bad happening when visiting.

Achmelvich Beach is a unique place in the United Kingdom, and will certainly keep you busy when visiting the region. If you haven’t already, we recommend seeing Achmelvich Beach for yourself to truly experience the wonders that this area in the world has to offer.

What to do in the region if visiting for 1 day

Visiting Achmelvich Beach for the day is a blast and will certainly keep you busy. With the region being filled with things to do and sights to see, there is a lot for you to get up to when visiting. 


You will be lost with things to do on Achmelvich Beach. From swimming in the sea to the frequent boat fishing trips that take place, there is something for the whole family to get involved in. Take your children out for a fishing trip, or bring your swimming costume and dive in! There is plenty of fun to be had.


There is even a 9-hole golf course overlooking the beach on the cliffs above. If you are an avid sports fan and can’t go a day without a game of golf, you are in luck. Or if you just fancy trying your hand at a few relaxing games, bring your friends and family, or challenge some of the friendly locals in the region.


In the area surrounding Achmelvich Beach, there are many mountains and cliffs that are the perfect hiking destinations. These hills and cliffs are some of the best in the country and will give you an afternoon to remember climbing to the top. Quinag, Ben More, Cul Mor and Stac Pollaidh are some of our favourites for hiking in the area.

What to do if staying in the region for 3 days

If you are going to be staying in the Achmelvich Beach region for three days, there is plenty for you to get up to when on your stay. For a start, you can indulge in all the beach related activities listed above such as fishing, swimming and golfing (on the cliffs above).



In the rest of the Achmelvich Beach area, there are many things for you to get involved with. For a start, visiting the Second Achmelvich Beach would be an exciting day out. The Second Achmelvich Beach is just off to the side of the main beach, the best thing about this beach is that not many people really know about it. Enjoy the peaceful beach with the waves gently crashing against the sand.

Hermit’s Castle is another landmark in the Achmelvich Beach area for you to visit. It is the smallest castle in Europe, and may even be the smallest castle in the world. It is located close to Achmelvich Beach, where you can walk or drive from. Learn about the history of Scotland and the highlands area in general when visiting Hermit’s Castle, giving you an insight into the past of the Scottish. 


The Bone Caves are just a short drive away from Achmelvich Beach. They are famous for their wildlife fossils and relics of animals that you may not have known existed within the United Kingdom, such as the Eurasian lynx, brown bear, arctic fox and even reindeer. It is an exciting place to visit with a lot of exploration to get involved with, making it a fun day out for everyone in the family.

Where to stay at Achmelvich Beach?

Achmelvich Beach is known for being sparsely populated and with not too many people around, it may seem hard to find the right accommodation. Luckily, Achmelvich Beach is located along the North Coast 500, making it the perfect destination for NC500 Pods.



NC500 Pods are glamping retreats located very close to Achmelvich Beach, overlooking the coastal view. They are pods with all the amenities needed for you to be comfortable, with a kitchen area, a bathroom, a double bed, sofa and all the electronic devices we cannot live without such as a TV and internet connection.

Without a doubt, there is no better place to stay than NC500 Pods. You are welcomed with the most beautiful view and will be lost with words for how stunningly built your accommodation will be. If you are planning a visit to Achmelvich Beach this year, NC500 Pods are certainly the best place to stay with. 

How to find NC500 Pods at Achmelvich Beach?

Finding NC500 Pods is not too complicated. They are located just overlooking Achmelvich Beach. A gorgeous view! Getting to NC500 Pods from other places in the country can be a bit challenging though, as it is so far away from everywhere else. 


The first step of getting to NC500 Pods would be to get onto the North Coast 500 route. This depends on your location, but typically people are going to be travelling north to get onto this route. The main way to get onto this route is to reach Inverness. Go along the M90 motorway from Edinburgh and then onto the A9 to Inverness. 


(To reach Edinburgh, go along the A68 from Newcastle upon Tyne)


Then, you can follow the A835 from Inverness until you reach Ledmore. Once at Ledmore, you can then turn onto the A837. Following this road will lead you to the Highlands/North of Scotland. Turn onto the B869 and you will shortly arrive at Achmelvich Beach/NC500 Pods. 


This is the quickest route to get to NC500 Pods, but you can go a range of different routes if you are planning to go along the North Coast 500 first.

Highlights of visiting Achmelvich Beach

There are too many highlights when visiting Achmelvich Beach. Our personal favourite would be the views that you can experience when visiting the place. They are out-of-this-world. If you are on the beach looking out the ocean, find yourself lost in the deep blue waves hitting the sand.  


Another highlight of visiting Achmelvich Beach would be the exciting activities you can get up to there. As we’ve already shown you just how much you can do, you’re bound to have a memorable time at Achmelvich Beach. These memories last a lifetime, being in a place filled with such natural beauty. 


However, the best highlight of them all would be the NC500 Pods, which make the trip even better. Being comfortable and feeling like royalty, whilst also being so close to nature is an amazing feeling that we should all experience at least once in our lifetimes. If you have never visited Achmelvich Beach before, now is a perfect time. Book a holiday with NC500 Pods and have the time of your life in a place you might not have expected to.

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