Why You Should Visit Brora On The North Coast 500

Why You Should Visit Brora
On The North Coast 500

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Brora is a village situated in the northern part of Scotland, specifically in the highlands region. It’s a village with character and charm including many stunning sights to see and exciting things to do. 


Visiting Brora is something we recommend everyone does at least once in their lifetime as it’s such an isolated place compared to the rest of the country, meaning you will gain a completely different perspective on Scottish people, culture and cuisine after visiting this region. It’s a very diverse country in a very diverse region with there being large urban and rural populations. Brora is certainly the latter with much of the population living in Brora their entire lives and a strong sense of community being present in the area. 


Let’s dive deeper into Brora and discuss why we believe it to be one of the most unique, exciting and cultural places in the British Isles.

Where is Brora?

Brora is placed along the famous North Coast 500, a five-hundred mile route going across the entire north of Scotland. This route contains many sights to see and activities to get involved with along the way, making it perfect for travellers and tourists alike and people who have never visited Scotland before.


To get to Brora on the North Coast 500, you are most likely going to have to reach Inverness first, the closest large city in the area. There are a few ways of getting to Inverness but if you are living in England, the most popular route would be to go through Newcastle upon Tyne and continue north until you reach the city.


From Inverness, you are going to need to continue a bit more north until you reach Brora. It will be a long and exciting journey, but the end destination is worth travelling to. 

Why Is It One Of The Best Places To Go Along The North Coast 500?

Brora on the North Coast 500

Brora is known as one of the best places to visit along the North Coast 500 due to its abundance of nature and wildlife. The highlands area, in general, is an excellent place for nature as it has been so untouched by humans for the majority of its history. 


With nature being so present in the region, there are many exciting things to see when visiting such as the gorgeous coastline, giving many local people a place to relax and spend time with family and friends. Brora Beach is really special, being a hotspot for tourists and visitors all across the country.

There’s also mountains, hills and countryside surrounding the village allowing you to explore the nature of Scotland and to see some of the most beautiful places in the British Isles. It’s also close to many other North Coast 500 locations, making it an ideal place to start your travelling journey around Scotland.

Why Is The Beach So Popular In Brora?

As mentioned before, Brora Beach is extremely popular with residents in Brora and with visitors and tourists in the area. This is because of the significance this place has, with it being a spot of pure beauty and a representation of Scotland as a whole. Many people come to this beach just to appreciate the views and scenery.


Brora Beach is also abundant in nature and wildlife, with there being many animals in the sea from dolphins to seals that you may spot whilst on your travels. If you are bringing your family with you when travelling, this is something that children will fuss over and appreciate from afar if you are more interested in sightseeing rather than relaxation. 

Brora on the North Coast 500

If you would prefer to relax on the beach, don’t forget to bring your swimming costume. The sea is a gorgeous colour that you wouldn’t expect to see in Britain, with it being a lighter blue colour reminding many people of the Caribbean rather than their home country. 


All in all, Brora Beach is somewhere to pay a visit when travelling through the North Coast 500 or when in Brora. With sights to see and a lot of excitement to be had, it’s one of our favourite places to visit in Brora on the North Coast 500 and one of the best beach experiences in the United Kingdom. 

Places To See When Staying For A Week In Brora

When visiting Brora for a week, you will have more than enough time to explore all there is to see and adventure into the natural areas of the region. There are many places to see when staying for a week in Brora on the North Coast 500 that are exciting and unique, some of which you won’t find in many other places. 


For a start, visiting Brora Beach is something that everyone must do when visiting Brora. As mentioned above, it’s a place of beauty and deserves to be appreciated when in the area. With all the things listed above to do on the beach, you will have hours of fun whilst exploring the coast. 


There is also the countryside surrounding Brora, which is rich in beautiful scenery and opportunities for exploration. Much of the land in the highlands has been untouched for many years, and the nature that is present in the region gives an atmosphere that we wouldn’t experience in other parts of the country.


Aside from the natural beauty, there are other places to see when visiting Brora on the North Coast 500 for a week such as the restaurants and shops in the village centre. There are a few delicious places to eat that the locals of Brora have been using for decades, including the scrumptious Indian restaurant, Sid’s Spice, and a local cafe named Linda’s Cafe.

If you are still looking for more exciting things to do in the region, do not forget that Brora is situated in the North Coast 500. This means that there are many landmarks and other places to visit close to Brora which you can easily find by looking at the North Coast 500 website or on other places on the internet.

What To Bring For The Best Trip To Brora

Brora on the North Coast 500

There are a few different things that we’d recommend bringing to Brora to make it the best trip. We would firstly recommend bringing a swimming costume or trunks, perfect for spending time at the beach and for swimming on the shore. The gorgeous sea is very enticing, and many people get involved in swimming at Brora Beach every year.


We would also recommend bringing a golf club and a fishing rod. There is a golf course located very close to Brora Beach allowing you to show off your skill to some of the locals or play a game with family members/friends. For the fishing enthusiasts, you would regret not taking your equipment on this trip! Around Brora, there are many opportunities to catch fresh fish along the lakes or rivers. With there being so many in the area, you certainly would catch something delicious or just for fun. 

Bringing the right clothing is also an essential part of visiting Brora on the North Coast 500. Aside from the swimming costume, walking boots and hiking clothing/equipment may come in handy if you are planning to explore and adventure into the highlands region. The right clothing is always essential for hiking and adventure, so make sure you bring clothing that suits your needs.

How Can I Find NC500 Pods In Brora?

Brora on the North Coast 500

NC500 Pods is a glamping retreat that we have created in Brora. It offers different glamping pods that are available to stay in as accommodation and contain all your favourite amenities and appliances to make the trip worthwhile. Glamping is an experience we wished to create in Brora, connecting people with nature whilst also bringing the comforts of modern technology and luxury with them. 


To find NC500 Pods in Brora, you will have to carry on along Clynelish Road from the A9, and then take the fourth right-turn to reach NC500 Pods. It’s close to Brora village and is only a short walk from Brora Beach, making it easy to get to the places you want to visit from NC500 Pods.

The glamping site is amazing, with all the pods surrounding a central community area. There are solar panels to give clean energy to all the pods, with little fossil fuels being used in the process. The pods are also high quality and come with everything you need to live comfortably whilst away from home.

With all the things included to live like royalty, such as a kitchen with an oven/hob and all devices (such as a kettle, toaster, fridge/freezer etc), a living area with an L shaped sofa that converts into a double bed, underfloor heating and even a Smart TV included, you are bound to have an amazing time at NC500 Pods.

The Highlights Of Visiting Brora On The North Coast 500

There are many highlights throughout the time that you will spend at Brora, with there being so many things to see and do that are different from what we typically expect on holiday. Visiting Brora Beach is a highlight, with there being so much nature and beauty all in one place. Many people visit this beach and class it as a favourite, making it a highlight of visiting Brora on the North Coast 500. 


The surrounding nature is also a highlight, as the stunning beauty is contrasted to what we usually see in British cities/towns. Mountains, hills, large amounts of greenery and lakes, you will find it all in the region of the highlands and with many different locations and spots to reach, you could spend your entire time at Brora on the North Coast 500 adventuring through the region and still have many places left to explore. 


Another highlight of visiting Brora would be the NC500 Pods. If you are staying at our glamping retreat, your trip is going to be a lot more exciting with all your technology and favourite devices brought with you on your trip. This means that after a long day of searching through nature, you can come back to your iPhone, iPad and TV and enjoy the modern lifestyle we all love.


Last but not least, a highlight of visiting Brora on the North Coast 500 would be the village of Brora itself. Beautiful and historical architecture is abundant with all the buildings looking unique and original compared to what we typically expect in the UK, and an amazing community of hard-working locals who value the village and what it brings to the local county.

Book A Holiday Trip With NC500 Pods To Brora This Year

So, now you should have a better idea of what to expect at Brora. The village is a place with lots of experiences to be had whether you’re old or young, Scottish or non-Scottish. Brora has something for everyone to get involved in.


However, accommodation always matters first and foremost when staying away from home. Regardless of how nice the place visiting is, the right place to stay at night is what comes first. NC500 Pods gives you that “home feeling” away from home and allows you to reconnect with nature – without compromising on your favourite devices!


Whilst you’re here, why not take a look at our booking page and learn a bit more about the accommodation itself. Glamping is a special experience and goes hand-in-hand with the Scottish countryside. Experience the beauty of Scotland and visit NC500 Pods this year, memories waiting to be made.

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